White Collar and Other Financial Offenses

Ramsey & Ehrlich is recognized for its depth of experience in handling cases involving complex financial fraud allegations and other investigations of corporate and economic malfeasance. We regularly represent individuals in all aspects of corporate criminal defense and enforcement-related litigation – whether it be internal investigations, grand jury investigations, trial, parallel criminal and civil proceedings, or advice and counsel on disclosure and compliance issues under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Our recent cases in this area have included allegations of mail fraud, wire fraud, government program fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud, investment fraud, false statements, insurance fraud, money laundering, tax fraud, and obstruction of justice. Many of our greatest successes have never become public as we were able to persuade prosecutors not to pursue charges against our clients at all. But when charges are filed, we always stand ready to aggressively fight for our client, all the way through trial if necessary.

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